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A Dark So Deep (The Madness Method #2) - Ebook

A Dark So Deep (The Madness Method #2) - Ebook

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Some things are made to be broken...

Beloved prince, rebel, traitor...Tarik grapples with the consequences of pushing his country to the brink of war. Now, haunted by shadows and his own demons, he must navigate a treacherous path to bring peace before losing his own sanity.

With Hayli imprisoned by the Science Ministry and his allies in the shadows, Tarik must contend with both external and internal foes. Some see him as the key to defusing hostilities; others believe he alone can save the mages from annihilation. But the pressing question remains — at what cost?

As Tarik fights to protect his people, Hayli struggles to escape her captors, but is true freedom ever within reach? And as the lines between loyalty and betrayal blur, only one question remains.

If the price for peace is too high…is war the only option?

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I paused at the top of the stairs and closed my eyes. Just five minutes. I only needed to Mask for five minutes. I let my mind clear, then pictured a face that was entirely forgettable, middle-aged and plain. After a moment I felt the tingling sensation across my skin, the tightening and stretching as my features took a new form. I brushed a hand over my head to feel the sparse tufts of hair, then over my nose—bulbous, but not too remarkable—and chin, receding under a neatly-combed wisp of beard. Good.

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