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Chaos Lies Beneath the Night, Episode 2: Omens - Ebook

Chaos Lies Beneath the Night, Episode 2: Omens - Ebook

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The nights are getting longer...

As the High Fane schemes...

...tensions between the Aethers of Light and Shadow heighten, conjuring fears of a conflict that could throw the entire cosmos out of balance.

Emery, Atan, and Therrei are drawn more tightly into a conspiracy's tangled web...

...but how deep does the treachery run?

As Emery grapples with the mysteries surrounding Reman’s death, questions about his own past simmer to the surface. And he is not the only one searching for their answers.

In the wake of an attempted assassination, Atan must weigh the burden of justice...and bear the price of its satisfaction.

Therrei, faced with an alarming revelation, questions her own worth...and her faith in the Aetherials.

And deep beneath the mortal realm, Chaos stirs...

Don't miss the thrilling second episode of this epic fantasy serial!

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