The Lost Road Chronicles: The Complete Series

The Lost Road Chronicles: The Complete Series

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Get the Lost Road Chronicles Complete Series and lose yourself in the pages of this gripping, enchanting YA fantasy.

Merelin Lindon is an ordinary small-town girl...

...or so she thought.

She never imagined her fate was bound to that of a world she never even knew existed—Arah Byen, a beautiful, dangerous, and mysterious place. A place to fall in love with...if it doesn't kill you first.

Arah Byen's future is linked to her past, and she must unravel the truth of her own heritage if she has any hope of saving its people...or herself.

But destroying one enemy might just pave the way for another...

The Lost Road Chronicles is a fast-paced, twisting tale of devotion, power, intrigue, redemption, and hope— a story that explores the strongest bonds of family, the richest depths of friendship, and the most poignant meaning of love.

This box set includes:

Down a Lost Road (LRC #1)
Subverter (LRC #2)
Prism (LRC #3)
Plus four pieces of bonus content!

Grab this box set today and journey with Merelin into a breathtaking world full of danger, adventure, unforgettable characters and heart-wrenching emotion.