Prism (Lost Road Chronicles #3)

Prism (Lost Road Chronicles #3)

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In a world that blames her for something she didn’t do…

…Merelin must take on a new identity.

But how long will it take for the truth to come out?

Merelin wants nothing more than to bring Arah Byen into some kind of balance…

…but nothing is going as planned.

The High King raves like a mad man. Merelin’s allies scatter and turn on each other, and the man she loves more than anything stands on the edge of a darkness she cannot comprehend.

Things couldn’t get any worse…

…until they do.

When a terrible crime forces Merelin to flee for her life, she realizes she is not a victim of a horrible plot, but a pawn in a deadly game she never understood.

In the coming fight Merelin cannot stand alone…

…but can she unite her allies before it is too late?