Down a Lost Road (Lost Road Chronicles #1)

Down a Lost Road (Lost Road Chronicles #1)

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Summer was supposed to mean sun, family, and fun…

…not undead warriors, mythical creatures, and trees that glow.

But that’s exactly what 16-year-old Merelin gets.

Merelin’s family has always been a little odd, but ever since her father disappeared four years ago, life has been pretty boring.

Then her world gets yanked out from under her.


As if waking up in the desert of an alien world wasn’t bad enough, the only person who sees her arrive is a fascinating — and infuriating — boy who calls himself Yatol…

…and tells her she carries the key that could save or destroy his world.

Can she trust his promise to help her survive, or should she walk away from his world—and the danger that threatens it—forever?

And if she fights…

…what price will she have to pay?

You’ll love this fast-paced YA fantasy, because nothing is ever what it seems.

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