A Sea Like Glass (The Madness Method #3)

A Sea Like Glass (The Madness Method #3)

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Tarik, Hayli and their crew tried to stop the insurgency…

…but they failed.

The monarchy has fallen, the nation is leaderless, and world war looms.

Heartbroken, Tarik escapes Cavnal and risks everything on a perilous voyage to the harsh and hostile country of Istia…

…to secure an alliance that could stop the war.

But the only way to win the Istians’ support is to take power. Can he win their trust before it’s too late?

Or is his mind already too lost to madness to be saved?

Without Tarik’s leadership, Hayli and the remnants of his crew try to put the pieces of their lives back together. But then a rogue mage arrives in Brinmark with a claim that should be impossible…

…a claim that threatens the last fragile threads of stability in Cavnal.

And even as nations rise and fall and war creeps closer, ancient powers are stirring, sweeping everything—and everyone—into their eternal conflict.

You’ll love this dark fantasy, because when the gods go to war, no one can escape the fight.

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