A Dark So Deep (The Madness Method #2)

A Dark So Deep (The Madness Method #2)

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Beloved prince, rebel, traitor…

…Tarik brought his country to the brink of war. 

Can he now bring peace before he loses his own sanity? 

With Hayli in the grips of the Science Ministry and his allies in hiding, Tarik must wrestle his own demons before he forgets his reason for fighting.

Some believe he is the key to defusing the hostilities.

Some believe he is the only one who can save the mages from annihilation…

…but at what cost?

While Tarik fights to protect his people, Hayli must defend her life and her sanity long enough to escape her captors. But can she ever truly be free?

As the lines between loyalty and betrayal blur, only one question matters.

If the price for peace is too high…

…is war the only option?

You’ll love this dark fantasy, because war is all fun and games until someone gets hurt.

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