The Madness Project (The Madness Method #1)

The Madness Project (The Madness Method #1)

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In a world that shuns magic…

…the Crown Prince hides his power.

But how long can he keep it secret?

Seventeen-year-old Prince Tarik is only too happy to ignore his magical powers, until an underground society of mages is blamed for a ruthless assassination plot.

None of his father’s spies can get close to the group.

Tarik is the only one who can, if he uses his long-buried power. But who can he turn to for help?

Friendship is a strange word on the streets…

…and trust is stranger still. But as Tarik fights to stay undetected with plots of rebellion tightening around him, he wins an unlikely ally in Hayli, a shapeshifter mage.

Hayli has spent her life on the streets, trying to forget her own strange magic. Meeting Tarik brings her closer to her power than she ever believed possible. But is he too dangerous to trust?

If they join forces, will they be strong enough to survive the city’s darkest currents…

…or will they fall together?

You'll love this dark fantasy, because a little madness never hurt anyone.

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